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September 27, 2012, 10:38 am
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My youngest son, working on his pole barn

                                                            September 27, 2012

     My youngest son is building a pole barn at his place. It is slow going, but progress is steady. He nor I, are carpenters, but we are getting it built just the same. I think working together, taking it slow and trying to be precise will pay off in the end. It does require checking and double checking, but so far, so good.

     My recent dabbling in the produce growing venture, was much like building this barn. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, even though I have farmed and gardened most of my life. I had to go slow, read directions and check and recheck. The checking, was for things like soil moisture, plant disease and ripeness.

     My Amish friend who helped me out, could not have been more forthright. He offered suggestion and mentorship to me. He got right in the field and helped me out. He was a resource that made it all happen. He was “on the level” from the start. He has helped me with sorting, washing and most of all, marketing.

     I had a goal of breaking even on this project. I wanted to learn how to do it, for once in my life, without costing me a fortune in time and dollars. I have done that, only because of my friend’s willingness to guide me in my efforts. I also had great help along the way as we planted, watered and harvested, but that is another story.

     I was instructed a long time ago to “meet on the level”, those are very good words for life. Show up with no hidden agenda, expect the same consideration from all you meet. Be square in your dealings and expect the same. Once the whole meeting is over, always let it be the other guy who wronged you… walk away smarter, but respected by all…. especially yourself.

     Autumn is here for sure. The calender says that it is so,and now it wants to rain every other day. I am working on one more construction project and working around the rain. The garden is almost cleaned off ready for plowing some nice day. I will plant it to rye and put it to bed for the winter, as soon as, time and weather permit. In the meantime I will stay the course and stay “on the level.”


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Did you sell at one of the Amish auction places?

Comment by Tim Struthers

I sold at the Geauga Produce Growers Auction. Yes, many of the farmers are Amish.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Tom and I were talking do you have any pumpkins for sale or did they all go to the market? I just love reading your blogs! And tell Miss Connie thanks for the recipe for the Butterfinger Yummy Dessert. Can’t wait to try it.
Blessings friend!

Comment by Robin Terbizan

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