Brushing Up
December 1, 2012, 12:15 am
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Brush pile on the edge of the woods

Brush pile on the edge of the woods

                                        November 30, 2012

     The quest for firewood and the clean up of our woodlot requires piling up brush. We could burn it and we do burn some, but making brush piles is a good alternative. The piled up branches and punky logs makes a nice home for small animals.

     Rabbits love to hide in the piles. I am sure they are home to all sorts of critters. I am also sure that they appreciate the brush piles most when the winter winds are howling outside. I think this is the right thing to do.

     We make piles here and there as we go. Some of the piles are deep in the woods, while others are on the edges of field and woodline. I guess the animals pick what suits them, we just build the condos and let them sort the living arrangements out.

     The piles do eventually rot down to almost nothing, providing food and nutrients for the plants that will come later. In the meantime, the piles are used and used well.

     As we start on a new area of the woods to be cleaned up, we burn to make a dent in the sixty plus years of neglect. We burn all the small branches, the half rotted stuff and anything that won’t make firewood. Once we clear a good spot, then we build a brush pile four of five feet high and twelve to fifteen feet wide.

     The bottom of the pile is created with old junky logs to form a sort of deck. The logs have spaces in between for small animals to hide. The brush then gets piled on top creating a sort of thatched roof. Well, that is what I compare it to. I am sure it sheds some of the rain and snow.

     Now that the harvest is all in, the woods work can once again begin. We are cutting and stacking firewood for homes and the  sugarhouse. It is time for us to “brush up” on our conservation skills to boot 😮


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When are we roasting weinies?

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