You Can’t Ride in my Little Red Wagon
December 1, 2012, 5:53 pm
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Load of wood for Josh

Load of wood for Josh

                                              December 1, 2012

     Well, I would give you a ride, but there is no room right now 😮 We filled this wagon on Friday in between deer hunts. So far the deer are staying hid. At least we got some wood for my son Josh. He is almost done for this year.

     I think wood should be cut stacked and drying by June for the year it will be burnt and that is pushing it. A year ahead is much better. My boys however, seem too busy until it starts to get cold. Then we are jumping through hoops trying to get done before the snow is waist deep.

     I will push them harder next year to be done sooner. We could hunt more, pick corn or other fall jobs … instead of being “behind the eight ball” in the wood department. I also like the idea of starting to slow down in autumn..getting ready for winter.

     This time of year is a good time for butchering, making deer sausage and smoking meat. There are no flies and its cool for working. Cutting wood makes me sweat no matter what time of year it is!

     Twenty-four days until Christmas, where did the year go? I’m sure I missed some of it working, but it has been a productive year. The blessings abound. I’ll get the wagon empty in time for snowy rides and hot chocolate…then you can ride 😮


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Well at least your Little Red Wagon doesn’t have a broken axel!…But the 2nd verse is same as the first, you still can’t ride in it. (You can’t ride in my little red wagon, the walls are burstin from my boys butts a’draggin…) Yes, pot calling kettle 😉

Comment by Charlie

One of Mom’s favorite tunes … must be the Girl Scout leader thing!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Well I know the whole SONG! 🙂

Comment by Mindy

I know you do..all the words and a ‘Sit-A-Pon” too

Comment by ricelandmeadows

you sweat from all the good meals. send me some!!!!!!!!!!!!
or better yet bring us some. love you all.

Comment by gratfull to have you

Thanks Matt
Hope all is good there 😮

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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