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December 19, 2012, 1:51 pm
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Farm Roll-A-Dex

Farm Roll-A-Dex

                                                          December 19, 2012

     I , like almost everyone else, have been very busy. It is the time of year. Winter is here.  Christmas is almost here. Piglets had to be weaned, wormed and sorted. Oh yea, there is that full-time job thing, that sometimes gets in the way 😮

     Today, I landed in the kitchen for a hot cup of tea and a Christmas cookie. My wife promptly entered the kitchen with a whole arm full of small pieces of paper. There were notes of all shapes and sizes, tablets large and small and all of it … in my handwriting!

     I am guilty of making notes, taking down phone numbers and addresses on slips of paper, notebooks, an old envelope, paper towel and even the back of my hand. It is not a good system and it is a bit trashy. This method of record keeping drives my wife crazy. In all fairness to her, it’s usually because I ask her, “Do you know where sand so’s number is?” 

     I sat and worked on organizational maintenance today. I went through a pile of paper adding contact information to our roll-a-dex. I located many numbers that had gone missing and were thought to be lost. I made it possible to recycle two small trees worth of scrap paper…much to the delight of my very neat wife 😮

     It is the end of the year. I guess I can now start 2013 with a clean slate. We are going to try a “working tablet” a place for all of my “important” numbers for that moment in time. It might work…as long as I can find a pen 😮



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A Roll-a-dex?? That’s so 80’s!

Comment by Aunt June

My son wants me to join the 21st century…but I am resisting!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

I thoroughly enjoy your articles.

Comment by Ken

Thank you Ken, I hope to continue your enjoyment for a long time!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

i too enjoy your articles..and am guilty for the note things also…sometimes without a name attached…perhaps some day i could journey up your way if that would be ok..seems we are on same wavelength on alot of things..

Comment by dan mayer

Perhaps one day we will meet if you make it north Dan. Thanks for reading and following along.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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