First Winter Storm Coming?
December 20, 2012, 9:51 pm
Filed under: December 2012
Hey, did you hear a storm is coming?

Hey, did you hear a storm is coming?

                                                          December 20, 2012

     The weatherman says that we are about to get our first winter storm of the year. I usually don’t worry too much about it, but tonight the animals seem to know. They spent the day eating steadily. Tonight, all of them are tucked into their shelters all snuggled up.

     I have to believe that a big one may be bearing down on us. A blizzard is socking parts of the center of the country. Rain and sleet are falling outside and a menacing wind is howling. Last year we had almost no winter at all…this year may be much different.

     A white Christmas would be a nice thing. I think so anyway, but I like snow! The white covers everything even the mud that has become so abundant 😮 The drought is gone for us, but the soaking rains have been well received just the same. Harvest is done almost everywhere. The mud makes it possible for farmers to rest..well, it lessens the guilt a little anyway.

     We shall see what the storm brings, but for tonight, it is all about cuddling up. I will take my que from the animals…after all … they know better anyway!


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