No End In Sight!
December 21, 2012, 8:32 pm
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Autumn Sunset 2012

Autumn Sunset 2012

                                                          December 21, 2012

     Today is the first day of winter. We are getting pounded with a winter snow storm. All the critters are snug in their beds and I am looking forward to that myself 😮

     Today is also a day the Mayan Calender said the world would end. I didn’t think much about it. The Bible says no one knows that date but God. I just figure when it’s over … it’s over. Sort of like “ready or not here I come!” It’s almost bedtime and there is no end in sight.

     Last week a friend of mine died. He was a business man in our community. He was a good God-fearing man who lived and walked his faith. He was a big man in stature, humble by nature and filled with peace. He was an owner of our local feed mill. We talked farming and politics, weather and life, I will miss him along with many others.

     He and his wife were shopping in a nearby town. Alan became silent as his soul passed from this life suddenly. He had not been sick or complained of anything. I guess it was his time to go home. He leaves many shocked family members and friends, but none of us have any doubt, that he walks with God.

     He was once a leader for boys and girls in our church. I can’t help but wonder if he is in Heaven, comforting the little children from Connecticut and helping with the baby-sitting. They would find a good friend in Alan and Al would be pleased as punch to help with the little ones.

     My heart is a bit heavy as the sadness and horror creeps in from the Sandy Hook school story and the loss of a friend. I am not worried about the Mayans or acting like “Chicken Little” and scampering into a hole in the ground. Instead , I will stand up and help those who need it, teach farm and garden skills and continue to have a great love for children.

     Hopefully, for me, there is no end in sight … but I would not be the first man to go before my plans were completed ……


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