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January 10, 2013, 5:02 pm
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Nice Day Hoss, Knight and Jake

Nice Day Hoss, Knight and Jake

January 10, 2013

I just like this picture. It makes me smile. When I get a little too stressed by work or life, a picture like this helps me relax. It captures many of the things I love, the outdoors, horses, my woodlot and one of my sons. I am thinking these small trips, taken in my mind, to a place where good memories come from, is a very good thing.

I think this all started one Christmas when my son gave me a picture of him and his brother. It came in a small frame that said… “Remember me and drive safely” It was for the dashboard of my truck. It worked very well. It worked so well in fact, that I started making sure I carried photos of my family in my wallet. There are days when the whole world starts to squeeze in, crushing me with stress and anger. I open my wallet, look at my family and realize, that nothing else matters..all the B.S. melts away.

Most of my stress comes from my off-farm job. The nonsense is usually all trivial crap that doesn’t matter and no one will remember in a year anyway, yet it builds to unmeasurable levels… if I let it. Simply put, its not worth it!

I just find a place to be alone for just a minute or two. All I have to do is touch my wallet or my wedding ring and I am reminded of all the really important things. I then breathe slow and deep, thinking about a day like the picture above.. and I realize that all those stress demons cannot hurt me.

I even laugh a little. I have figured out how to have power over a potential killing thing in my life… talk about liberating! It’s only a job. I do it well… at least I think so and quite frankly, that is all that matters.

I encourage all of you reading this post, to find a place in your heart or mind that will take you away from “The Boogyman”. Your life will become much better for you and for those who love you 😮

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Well said,Ralph.

Comment by Bob T.

Amen, Brother!

Comment by Aunt June

❤ you

Comment by Charlie

Love you too kid!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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