I love Ice Cream
January 13, 2013, 5:12 pm
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Butter Pecan & Maple Syrup

Butter Pecan & Maple Syrup

January 13, 2013

I have enjoyed ice cream my whole life. Quite simply, for me, it is one of life’s simple pleasures. I have many memories of churning ice cream in my grandparent’s cellar on Saturday nights. It seemed like it took forever for the frozen concoction to be ready … but man it was worth it!

Lately, I have been watching my weight. I know that I need to reduce my caloric intake. I have no health issues at the moment, but would like to avoid them in the future. I think getting my weight in line will help me reach that goal. I am not a candy guy, but I love ice cream.

I know that I can’t give up the foods I love. I mean who doesn’t like gravy? I have been doing well so far, by watching snack habits and portion sizes. The little bowl of ice cream I enjoyed this afternoon was wonderful. I think I found the secret…enjoying my food!

Usually, I rush to the table, bolt down my food, throw back a cup of tea and run out the door. Since turning over my new leaf, I have been eating slowly. It is wonderful tasting my food. I grow some of the best food in the world, my wife is a great cook, savoring the meal is something I should have always done. Many times I am so full after eating that I am uncomfortable … but I don’t realize it until thirty minutes after I have finished eating!

This new effort of mine has led to some eye opening experiences. I found out that you cannot eat a can of tuna packed in water very fast. It takes a while along with some water ..at least for me! Apples and other fruits taste good when eaten slowly, letting the flavors explode on your tongue. Roast beef, pork and chicken cooked slowly surrounded by vegetables makes a delicious dish.

I have not given up anything..other than my hurry hurry attitude. My food taste better. I am losing weight slowly, yet steadily..and I have discovered a beautiful thing. Eating slower makes meal time last longer. Dinner conversations are better and I even remember what we talked about 😮 I think I should have done this long ago. I just makes life better and I get skinny to boot ! Well … OK a little lighter…skinny is a long ways off.

Ice cream eaten slow is awesome. My favorite is butter pecan topped with a dribble of maple syrup. The mixture can be absolutely savored on your tongue. I swirl it around a little, mixing the flavors together. They make sweet music on my tongue. I swallow slowly and wait just a bit before filling my spoon again. Man .. I love Ice Cream!

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OK Ralph that last paragraph was a bit like “FOOD PORN”!
Good luck with the slowing down part, life if short, we do need to enjoy!
Be blessed!

Comment by Robin Terbizan

You must be dieting too Robin 😮
I will say though … I do enjoy my food!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Only thing that would make the ice cream better would be a piece of spice cake with peanut butter frosting!

Comment by Charlie

I do like that kind of cake. It’s been my birthday cake for over 50 years!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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