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February 5, 2013, 2:54 pm
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Cutting competing trees out of the sugarbush

Cutting competing trees out of the sugarbush

February 5, 2013

There is plenty to do in the sugarbush all year. In summer I mark trees that are stealing light from the sugar maples and other more desireable trees. Some of the larger trees will never make good lumber. They are candidates for firewood. Some of the short, crooked, multi-stemmed trees may make pallet lumber, but will not be furniture grade. I take these trees out when time and weather permit.

These trees are soaking up nutrients and sun that the more desirable or “crop” trees need. I remove the aforementioned stealers of light and food. I began a section of woods today. I try to work in areas rather than taking on the entire woodland. It’s like eating an elephant, go slow and take one bite at a time 😮

I will work up the downed trees in this section before tackling another area. Logs will be taken out. The firewood will be worked up and taken out next. Lastly, the brush will be piled creating homes for small woodland creatures. I have seen the benefit of this type of work. I am pleased with my progress so far.

I am crowding my syrup season a bit, but the area I selected today, is full of the next generation of sugar maples. I need to get them off to a good start before the growing season is upon us. I remove enough problem or unwanted trees, to allow light in, but not so much as to get brush and multi-flora roes growing in the understory.

The young trees respond well to the opening in the forest canopy. Maples can tolerate a little shade. The youngest trees in the bunch will still grow, while the larger ones thrive. I should have this area all cleaned up by the time the maple sugaring season is done. I will need to be working the rest of the farm by then, so tree work must be completed.

Tonight after supper, I will put the finishing touches on the sugarhouse clean-up. I will be ready to go by bedtime. The season is here and I am ready.

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