Enjoying the cold and snow!
February 6, 2013, 7:56 pm
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Hoss and Knight bring another load of wood out

Hoss and Knight bring another load of wood out

February 6, 2013

Today we started tapping the maple trees. We are looking for a nice run of sap over the weekend. All of us who worked today are beat! We will sleep the good sleep tonight 😮 Even my much younger counterparts are tired. We stopped today with 893 taps out.

Yesterday evening, we brought out a nice load of firewood. Whenever there isn’t much else to do, there is always firewood! The horses are working staying in shape for the workout that comes from sugaring. All of us feel it, but it is a wonderful time of year!

Tomorrow, a few more taps need to be put in. I think somewhere around 60 more, but a final count will be shared when we are finally done. All that remains are some sround the sugarhouse and a few corners of the fields. We still have one third of our woodlot not tapped. Maybe we will make that jump next year.

Jake thinks we should start using two teams of horses when we tap the whole woods. He is probably right, but I hope he is going to buy the fourth horse…three is enough for me 😮

All in all we are having a ball, enjoying the cold and snow. Tomorrow the grandkids come to help Pa-Pa. I think a lunch around a fire is in order too. Talk about a play date … I can’t wait!

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