Syrup season is on Ice
February 23, 2013, 7:31 pm
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Bag full of frozen sap

Bag full of frozen sap

February 23, 2013

Our cold temperatures continue. The sun does shine every other day or so. It is nice to see the sun, but it is creating a problem for us. The south side of the maple trees get just warm enough to drip by late afternoon. The nights are cold, so the new sap freezes in the bag. This repeats almost daily and now our syrup season is on ice!

It looks like we may get warm enough on Monday or Tuesday to at least turn our frozen blocks into a slushy mixture. We are hoping to get exactly that. We will get everything empty again. In the meantime we can just watch and wait…. I’m not good at waiting 😮

I am keeping busy fixing things and working on my unending farm list of chores. We did finish the wind tunnel wall in the sugarhouse today. Tomorrow we will tap a few more trees then work on a new sap road through the woods.

I’m not having trouble finding things to do… It’s just that I am all excited about making maple syrup! I know the weather will change and we will be busier than all get out.. I guess I’ll just have to cool it … especially now that our season is on ice!

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