Encouragement for the young ones
February 24, 2013, 6:37 pm
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Young Sugar Maples with their competition removed

Young Sugar Maples with their competition removed

February 24, 2013

The young sugar maples in the photo will now have the opportunity to grow unrestricted. We removed the competition for light and nutrients, by culling other trees. Those tress felled will be used for firewood, lumber and “sugarwood” (wood used to fire the maple syrup arch).

I have seen what young trees will do when given a chance to excell. I have seen it in young people too. All it takes is encouragement and the removal of stumbling blocks. The young will prevail. These trees in the picture may not be tapped by me, but I am paying it forward just the same.

I also plan to plant trees again this year. I might not even sit in their shade, but it pleases me to see them growing. People have passed through my life. I have mentored a few youngsters and I am very happy for the way they have created their own destiny. I hope that there were a few things that I said or did that helped them along the way.

My woods looks a bit rough in this area right now. Logs and brush litter the sidehill and valley below. It is a temporary inconvenience for a permanent improvement. I will clean up my mess and all will be better for it. The young will fill in the space and shade the trail very soon. In return for my efforts, they will yield sweet sap every year until their deaths…talk about a trade off 😮

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