Maple Syrup, A Family Affair
March 11, 2013, 7:44 pm
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Teamwork !

Teamwork !

March 11, 2013

We had an awesome weekend of everything maple đŸ˜® We gathered sap, we boiled sap, we burnt wood … LOTS of wood. We tasted the fresh syrup several times for quality control measures … of course!

We had lots of help and many visitors. On Sunday, I thought we would just gather what little bit had dripped over night. I wasn’t expecting much, so I didn’t line up much help. Sunday turned out to be one of the biggest days we have seen for gathering.

On that very big day, my hired man brought his mom and dad and his sister to watch and experience the maple process. They had a great time even though they worked like dogs due to my lack of help. They did have fun. They did learn a little, but the best part was the memories that they will have forever.

I know all about those great reflections. My life is full of them. I am very thankful for each and every one. It means that someone took the time to share their life with me. They cared enough to make a special mark upon my heart. I am doing my best to make those kind of marks too.

We had a pair of brother-in-laws who brought their children out to the farm. I had not met them before, but we are now friends. The children are city kids from west of Cleveland. Their eyes got opened to a whole new way of life. They even got to see my horses working … a sight not seen much in the big city. They tasted syrup and stood in the steamy room, breathing in all that they could.

Today, rain fell softly as I boiled the last of the sap from the weekend. The steam vented the sugarhouse, but then was directed downward filling my little sugar valley with the sweet smell of the maple season. Lambs jumped and played in the warm rain as I watched out of the sugarhouse window. Today, I once again drink from the saucer …. because my cup runneth over.

Making maple syrup, at least on this farm, will always be a family affair. I know that no matter how far away my friends and famliy get, when the sap runs … their thoughts will run back to the little sugarhouse in the valley, right here at Riceland Meadows.

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