The end to a Perfect Day
Last load of the day

Last load of the day

March 13, 2013

It is the end to a perfect day. All the sap is boiled. The sugarhouse is all closed and the trees are not dripping. Winter has us in it’s grip again, but only for a little while. Like Jake and the horses in the picture … all of us are ready for a little rest.

February was a cold month. Despite what the groundhog said, winter has stuck around. March , however, has seen some nice spring days. Making maple syrup is much like making hay. The weather controls everything and when it cooperates, everything else must wait while you bust your ass to make use of the window of opportunity.

You cannot wait for more help, better weather or even a hot meal. When the time is ripe…you better get it picked! It means long days and sometimes even long nights. It means NOW, not later, no matter what 😮

The spring roller coaster of highs and lows has begun. We will get some rest in between runs of sap, but we MUST stay on top of it. We need empty bags before the weather turns cold, otherwise ice is our problem. When the weather warms, the sap must be gathered and boiled as fast as possible. This attention to detail makes very good maple syrup. It also keeps the few remaining hairs intact on my head ;o

I will reflect on a season that is probably half over tonight. It has been good so far. Many of our problems were simply opportunities for teaching and learning. I am becoming a college professor, thanks to this year’s lessons!

As I pause for rest and reflection, I can’t help but think that is is the end to a perfect day.

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