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March 14, 2013, 9:17 pm
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Little black ewe and her lambs

Little black ewe and her lambs

March 14, 2013

We are caught up on the maple syrup right now. The sap is not running, but the weekend looks pretty good for it. Today , I caught up on farm chores, ran a few errands and visited a little while with my friend at the feed mill. I also got to spend some time checking up on the sheep flock and the new born lambs.

The black ewe in the picture has a set of identical twins. They are cute times two. Their mother has been a pain in my hindend for a whole season. She doesn’t like me. When I want to move the flock, she takes off the other direction and usually takes half the flock with her!

I have tried getting close to her to convince her that I am not the bad guy. But I think she sees me as the guy who dumps worm medicine down her throat or sticks her with a needle to vaccinate her on a yearly basis. I don’t want her to get tetnus or be bothered with internal parasites, so the “vet” work is necessary…. BUT not to her!

One of her lambs was by itself today sleeping. I was afraid that it was in some kind of trouble. I went into the pasture to check on the little fellow. It jumped up, started bleating like crazy and ran straight to me. His mother was not pleased. She hates me and would not come near me even to get her baby.

I finally convinced the little lamb to stay near a couple other sheep and to quit following me. Once I was a ways off, mom came running to get her baby. I am sure she was scolding it and telling it all about me. I will probably not hold either one of them until worming time …. but wait! The little one has to get castrated… that should cement their disdain for me 😮

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