Stupid Groundhog!
March 18, 2013, 11:38 am
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March 18, 2013

I am not sure who decided which groundhog to watch, but I’m thinking the one they decided upon was mixed up! Our maple season has been much later than most years. Today, freezing rain is falling on four inches of sloppy snow. Tomorrow’s forecast says much colder and snow… Hey, it has been six weeks you stupid groundhog!

Chores take longer on a day like today. I have to shuffle my feet like an old codger…maybe I am an old codger 😮 Anyway, I have to be careful… I don’t want to fall and break my hip!

Today , I mourn the loss of our pastor. She was a wondeful woman and a true child of God. She married my boys, mentored to all of us and kept us in God’s fold. I will miss her dearly. I am sure our lives were blessed to just know her. Pastor Meredith Coleman may you rest in peace in the loving arms of God.

The sap ran yesterday and is starting to drip today. We will collect everything before the next cold snap sets in. The day is a bit nasty, but the job must be done. I guess that is the way sugaring is… just like hay..You have to make it when the sun shines! Stupid Groundhog!

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it must be Pastor Meredith is starting her own flock of sheep, since you lost the dear matriarc sheep, Persepany and a few babies recently? if i can believe my dear husband Rick is buiding a nascar track in Heaven then surely Pastor Meredith will tend to your flock from time to time……with God in your heart our loved ones and friends spirits will be with us all of our days! So sorry for your loss but glad we have family to lean on now!

Comment by gert aka Donna

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