You got our name on it
April 3, 2013, 9:25 am
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Ralph pours hot syrup, just off the evaporator, into the filter/canner

Ralph pours hot syrup, just off the evaporator, into the filter/canner

April 3, 2013

All of us maple syrup guys are amazed at the timing of this year’s season.We are still making perfect syrup in April! The season eluded us for weeks, but has now come with a vengence! The days are long, lasting well into the nights, but the season is wonderful!

I am still in awe of the maple syrup process. The sap is collected, gathered then boiled to take out the water. The heavy sweet syrup is unadulterated in any way… It is simply “Pure Maple Syrup”.

Once the syrup has cooked down to its proper density, I take it off the evaporator in small batches. Our evaporator usually yields about two gallons per batch. The process is continuous, as the cold sap flows steadily into the back portion of the evaporator. The steam rises as the water is boiled off. The more dense sap makes its way to the front of the evaporator, where it is monitored by temperature, then tested with a hydrometer, to ensure that the final product is “Pure Maple Syrup”.

That batch of hot tested syrup is poured through a set of filters designed just for maple syrup. Those filters catch any foregin substance, mostly trace elements from the trees in the form of “sugar sand”. It shows up in a sticky film on the filters. The filters are changed regularly, often several times a run. The fresh clean syrup is then re-heated to 180 degrees before it is canned while still hot. This process ensures your syrup is as fresh the day you open it , as it was the day it was made …. You have our name on it 😮


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as i was reading your entry today i kept finding myself picturing King doing your commercials kinda like the “beautiful bean dog” in the ones for baked beans on tv hahahaha also i know im ready for spring to truely arrive!!! I will look forward to next seasons syrup…..

Comment by gert aka Donna

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