Green Green Grass of Home
April 20, 2013, 11:44 pm
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Speltz field on the grow!

Speltz field on the grow!

April 20, 2013

The speltz we planted last fall is growing like mad. The recent rains coupled with the warm weather, is making the plants flourish. It is beautiful to look at, as part of the landscape.

The old song Green Green Grass of Home, was one of my mother’s favorites. I like it too. As I get older, it tugs at my heart strings even more. Home is a wonderful place and I am glad to have found mine. I don’t want to ever leave.

Vacations are a nice break from the norm. Many folks like to travel around the world. They enjoy white sandy beaches, the ocean, forested mountains and quaint places. I find those things to be okay, but I like it here. Every day of my life, on this farm, is like vacation for me. I have found my place in the universe… and I like it here 😮

I hope folks who are searching for happiness, someday find what I have found. Oh sure, there are places that I am fond of visiting, places that I have lived and a couple of places I would like to see. There are even a few spots on my wish list, but nothing I have seen or will see, will ever take the place of this one.

I wander field and woodlot making plans and checking progress. I can see my mark here and I like what I see. I have made a positive difference and continue to make slow progress. I move in a sustainable manner, my marks are soft. When I screw up, I fix my mistakes and I teach others as I go.

Yes, it really is good to touch the green green grass of home!


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