Like Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard
April 19, 2013, 7:11 pm
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Woodshed in need of filling!

Woodshed in need of filling!

April 19, 2013

There is just enough wood to heat water for my cleaning. The rest was burnt to boil the maple sap. I am amazed at just how much we used. I have to get busy filling the woodshed back up again…this time, even up into the rafters.

My off-farm job has taxed my time and body in recent days. I have not had time for much farming and even less time for blogging 😮 Now, the weather has taken a turn towards March. Rain was the order of the day today and snow is in the forecast for tomorrow, but… all is well and spring has sprung!

The fields, pastures and fall planted speltz are a lush green color. The kind of color that makes a guy feel good. Hay is getting short, so the promise of green growing grass makes me very happy.

We will ready the plow tomorrow. Very soon the horses and I will be turning sod. First I must pull some logs from a logging job. I will also need to get working on the felled timber in our woods, where the small sugar maples are growing. Always plenty to do and that is just fine with me!

Spring work is upon us and our woodshed that resembles Mother Hubbard’s cupboard at the moment, will soon get filled. I just need a bit of time, a little more ambition and a few days without rain. April showers make May flowers they say. I know this is true and it helps the grass grow too. So rain or shine… we have lots to do 😮


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