That’s one muddy dog and I’m not Lion!
April 10, 2013, 5:49 pm
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King...keeping us safe

King…keeping us safe


April 10, 2013

King walks with us everywhere. He is always watching for danger. Right now he has decided that nesting geese are encroaching on his territory. He runs them off, even trying to chase them as they fly. I am keeping him away from the birds along the river, but I am very happy to let him chase the flying poop machines away from our pond.

Rains have returned to northeast Ohio. I am pretty sure that mud will also be back soon. The grass and flowers seem to be loving the warm showers. The soft maple trees have budded almost overnight. The spring “peepers” are singing and it finally feels as if spring has found us 😮

We are trying to catch up on farm work, repair work and all that clean up that comes after the maple syrup season. I am busy even though the rain is falling King is a muddy mess almost daily…adding one more job to do, to my list.

The horses and I will begin plowing sod any day now. We have quite a bit to do, so hopefully the weather will cooperate. Ahhh, spring the time for planting along with many other jobs … now if we can just get past the mud season.


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see i told Mom to put a doggy shower in hahaha so glad King is learning and earning his place at the farm…..i should record his bark and use it for my home security hehehe love you all

Comment by gert aka Donna

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