2013 maple Syrup Season is done
April 7, 2013, 10:38 pm
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Yep...That's it for this year!

Yep…That’s it for this year!

April 7, 2013

What an end to an awesome season. It was as exciting as sliding into home after a bases loaded home run! We wrapped everything up tonight. We even have a little wood left over, but only about one big pick-up truck full. We went through 10 cords of wood like gas through a funnel.

I had lots of help from family and friends. Our farm saw several visitors and new friends were made. Folks old and new made a memory or two and lots of us paused to remember loved ones or special times. It must be the steam that that makes my cheeks moist now and then and keeps my heart warm 😮

The big job of cleaning is next, followed by wood cutting splitting and stacking. The field work will start soon depending upon the weather. I guess the first thing that the horses and I will do, is take a day off for resting, relaxing and reflection.

We will fix a few bottlenecks, repair some roadways, install a culvert or two and work to clean the woodlot. The jobs are many and unending, but I like to have a plan and plenty to do. I am happiest when I am here on the farm imersed in work, surrounded by animals and family.

Plenty to catch up on now in the barns too. We have two litters of little pigs. They are all doing good. I am glad the weather warmed a bit before they chose to come. It is much warmer in their nests, but mom keeps them warm and fed too I guess.

I close this blog tonight with a glad heart and a tired body. It was a good season for us, our second in the new sugarhouse. Everything went very well and all of us are considering tapping the last third of our woods. Another 400 taps awaits us there. All we need are a few roads, more wood and a little more storage for the sap … all in good time 😮


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