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April 29, 2013, 7:36 pm
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John and Me

John and Me

April 29, 2013


My grandson just got new glasses. I think he looks like me..except he has more hair and is much cuter 😮  He can now see better…and so can I … I see the future.

Rain was the order of the day today. Spring work awaits, but it is on hold while the grass gets it’s annual long drink of water. It was a day for working inside and visiting. I met with several friends. That was a great way to use a dreary day. I am as refreshed as the grass…sometimes a pause is as good for the mind, as it is for the body.

Sharing your vision with someone is a great way to check your progress. As you describe your plans and dreams, you get to revisit them yourself. It is a good thing to reset your “time clock” and make sure you are not about to waste time on some trivial pursuit. Stay focused, keep moving forward and work each day to accomplish a goal.

Today, I met with a possible business partner. We share a common goal. We realize that we can help each other without competing with one another. We will both share in each other’s success. This is a wonderful thing and I might have missed it had it not been for a rainy day and the need for some seed oats.

Sometimes good vision comes from opening our minds … as well as our eyes.


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