Low Impact Logging
May 3, 2013, 6:28 am
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Barely a track can be seen

Barely a track can be seen

May 3, 2013

Last Monday we got over an inch of rain. The forest floor is just getting over the snow and cold from winter. We started logging this section yesterday. Just a team of horses and our log cart. The impact to the forest floor is minimal at best. This is low impact logging at its finest.

Machinery has its place in logging, construction and farming. I can say that it is much faster using big equipment. I will also say that I am sold on real horsepower and the proof in the picture says it all.

We will use this same road for the entire job. When the task is complete, the road will be more pronounced. The leaves will have been stirred and perhaps even a tire track will show in a wet place. There will not, however, be ruts deep enough to fall into, Trees along the road will not be all scraped up. Our stream crossing will be hardly noticable and just the freezing and thawing from one winter will erase almost all of our footprint.

This is forest sustainability. This is good woodland stewardship, and in my opinion … this is the only way to harvest timber 😮


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