The Gangs All Here
May 6, 2013, 6:44 am
Filed under: May 2013
Ten babies and Mommy too

Ten babies and Mommy too

May 6, 2013


This is the reason I say let nature be in charge. This little sow has had three litters of piglets. She is a good momma. This litter has ten babies and each one is doing very well. The mother knew enough to make a big nest. She grunts to the little ones at feeding time, while she slowly lowers herself to the floor making her teats accessible to the babies.

Her mother too was a great mom. I select my replacement sows from our best moms. It has worked very well for me for these past several years. We do have accidents now and then, where we will lose a youngster, but it is not often. The moms and I are ever watchful of the little ones.

The weather is wonderful. Spring is here to stay. The sun is out, the grass is growing and all of us farmers are busy. It is times like these that make a guy grateful for mothers who watch over their babies while we focus our attention elsewhere …. like chasing a few wayward sheep who are in the newly planted oat field … this gang may be all here … but that gang is roaming all over the farm!


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