Grazing 2013
May 7, 2013, 7:03 am
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Duke enjoying the fresh grass

Duke enjoying the fresh grass


May 7, 2013


It’s official, all the animals are on pastures now. Feeding hay is actually over. The warm spring has pushed the new grass and all of the animals are loving it 😮 We make and store nice hay for our animals. They do well on it, but the fresh grass is their favorite. They grow and get fat on it really well too.

Our whole farm is in bloom. The winter hung on until it was over. The last couple of years, we’d get a taste of spring causing all the trees and flowers to bud. Then the frost or hard freeze would kill the tender shoots. Orchards and vineyards were absent of fruit. The spring blooms of apple, pear and ornamental plants were non-existant or sporadic at best… this year it is a colorful wonderland.

Dandelions fill the lawn and fields. The bees fly from bloom to bloom pollinating the plants and gathering the ingredients for honey. They even enjoy the lowly dandelion. The yellow flowers, that many homeowners try savagely to kill, make me smile. They are resiliant. They are colorful and they are everywhere!

My sheep eat the dandelions, flowers, greenery and all. I too have eaten boiled dandelion greens and found them to be delicious. My grandfather was known to make dandelion wine. I’m thinking the best way to get rid of them may be to feed the hungry. It would be a much better option than dumping gallons of poision all over America’s backyards.


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