Your Lambs Are Out!
May 8, 2013, 9:35 am
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Me and the herding calves

Me and the herding calves


May 8, 2013

My daughter-in-law came in telling me that some of the lambs were out. I went to investigate. Sure enough two wayward youngsters were on the wrong side of the fence. I went to get them back in. It didn’t work too well because the babies run away from me, while the rest of the flock ran towards me.

I went inside the fence trying to convince the sheep to move over by the gate so the lambs would run back to their mothers. This did not work either. We have two bottle fed calves in the pasture with the flock. They think I am their momma. They would not let the sheep come to me…except for our ewe Dolly, a bottle baby herself 😮

I tried for a while, but had no luck what-so-ever. The gates are now tied open enough for the lambs to sneak through. The calves, tired from high speed running all over the pasture, are napping alongside the fence. The escapees are walking back and forth eating grass, but bleating for mom now and then. I am sure they will make their way home soon.

I am working like a busy bee. Plowing is the order of the day. I am working up the old pumpkin patch. I plan to open a couple more fields before the rain comes. The back field we will plow with the horses. The horses are in the midst of a logging job, so I am using the tractor some. I prefer the horses, but the great weather will not hold forever…. so it’s off to work I go!

I can keep my eye on the lambs while they sort out getting home. I told my wife that, “The lambs aren’t really out…they are just not where Iwant them.” She thimks that will be a great line for my headstone … He’s not out, He’s just not where we want him 😮


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Ralph, I can bring my blue heeler over. He’ll have your lambs back in their correct pasture in no time! I’m surprised you don’t own one yourself. They are the smartest dogs besides a border collie and will literally work till they drop!

Comment by jkrysa@visitashtabulacounty.com

We did have Border Collies for years. My last one, “Lucy” we lost in 2011 after she spent her life with us. I decided that since all my animals come when I call them, it was not necessary to have a herding dog. I am not 100% that was the right decision, but we are getting along fairly well. “King” doesn’t know that he isn’t a herding dog, so he helps out quite a bit 😮

You can read about Lucy in my blog archives around June 6th 2011. She was my buddy to say the least. I write about her sickness, death and my heartache …some animals really are part of the family!

Thanks for the offer though, I’m sure he would work until he dropped.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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