Time to Let Go
June 1, 2013, 3:01 pm
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Little pigs ready to wean

Little pigs ready to wean

June 1, 2013

The little pigs are eating and drinking on their own. Mom is ready to be done nursing, so one litter of piglets will soon be weaned. They will venture out into life on their own. The first couple of days, they will be right next to mom, with just s fence panel seperating them. They can be independant, but still run to the fence for reassuring grunts and nose touches.

June signals the time for graduation from high school. Many young people will cross the stage, shake a few hands, then step into adulthood. Parents will choke back tears and smile proudly at their children. The kids are excited to get on with the next part of their life. The parents are hoping for reassuring grunts and nose touches 😮

We raise them as best as we can, getting them ready for this big day. We give more and more freedom so they can sort life out while being close by us. The day comes too quickly, that they leave the nest, life forever changed for both the child and the parent. Our hearts ache, as they walk out the door making their way to the life they have chosen. I guess weaning is hard on us all.

The child can’t wait to get away from home. They need freedom and the time to prove to themselves that they are adults. They will make some bad choices. They will make a few wrong decisions, but they will fall back on the advice we gave them. They may even call to “run something by us”, as they struggle with being a grown up….just like we all did!

They will settle down. It may just take a little longer for some than others, but they will find their place in the world. They will look back at all that we have given them. The “things” in their memory will mostly fade away… instead they will focus on the time, the advice and most importantly…the love we have given them. That love with stay with them always…even long after we are gone.

So parents … shoulders back, stick out your chest, lift up your chin and embrace this day that you knew was coming. Hug your babies one last time and latch on to every memory that you have. They are moving on, but they will always need us … it just takes a while for them to admit it … Remember?


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