Let Me Tell You About My Day
July 14, 2013, 9:10 pm
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Nuff Said!

Nuff Said!

July 14, 2013

After a few days off and no rain, I walked the hay fields and found them to still be too wet to make dry hay. The speltz field however, felt pretty good. I had hooked to the combine yesterday and was all greased up and ready to go.

I entered the first field and except for a wet spot on one end, it was good to go. I managed to get that whole field done. I did notice though, that the last few rounds were pretty light, as far as, the grain went. I ws not too worried because the next field, the grain was heavy and full.

I made two rounds in the next field and stopped to check the grain bin, surely it would be 1/2 full. It was almost empty!  That was when I discovered a big hole in the bottom of the elevator that sends the grain to the bin. A very nice trail of speltz was on the ground for both rounds… I didn’t even go look at the last rounds in the other field 😮

I retrieved some duct tape and was back in business in just a few minutes. I was very pleased with myself. I was daydreaming about some very nice bales of straw when I felt the machine go down. It had broken through the mud. I was able to get out, but did leave some ruts and a few choice words behind.

The mud knocked a drive chain off. I noticed that right as the machine plugged. I fixed the chain, unplugged the machine and made a promise to God to lose more weight! I was soaked and dang near dehydrated. I went to the house for water and some shade.

After a short break, I hit the job with a new plan. I would go around that wet place, divide the field into a third, and get that part in a day or two after some more drying. I almost got stuck again while splitting the field. I almost got stuck still again as I rounded the end, but both times, luck was with me.

I emptied the machine and went back at it. I got about another 100 yards when we sunk out of sight. I was about to give up until I had some help and a long chain. I say about to, because this is when the combine jumped off the do-dad that hooks it to the tractor. The tractor got right out! … Taking the PTO shaft right out of the machine with it.

I see parts in the mud. Mud is packed everywhere. The tractor tires are full in between the fenders and the wheels. They look more like a steam roller than a tractor tire … I quit for the night 😮

I did get an almost full gravity wagon of some of the nicest speltz I have ever grown. We shall see how , when, and if, I can get the rest of them off. Did I tell you I had a difficult day?…. Well at least my hay didn’t get rained on 😮


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Though on a much smaller scale and no goal of harvest, the outcome of your day is exactly why I decided to give my yard one more day of heat and sun. I am hoping to not bury my lawn tractor.

Comment by Charlie

Don’t get in a rush … It’s too damn hot to push it out!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Looks like you coulda used a little more “HORSE”-power!

Comment by Aunt June

I am going to try the “horses” out on the combine for the last and wettest part of the field. I will wait for it to dry some more, but I think they and my powercart will be just the ticket for getting them harvested. Once I prove to myself that I can run the combine with that set-up. I will switch to that method 100% of the time … those guys don’t get stuck!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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