Saving the Ladies
July 15, 2013, 8:50 am
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Getting the bee tree ready to move

Getting the bee tree ready to move

July 15, 2013

Last Friday I went to get another bee tree. It seems odd that I have gotten two in one year. In fact, this tree actually had two seperate hives in it. One was in the section you see with the climber in, the other one is right next to it.

We managed to stuff paper towels in all the entrance holes, keeping most of the bees inside while we worked. It pays to start a “bee tree” job early in the morning…while the bees are still sleeping 😮

Except for the male bees called “drones”, a hive is made up of all female bees. The drones service the queen. They are attended to by “nurse” bees, just like the “queen”. Drones have no stinger and do no work what-so-ever. The queen runs the hive, lays all the eggs or “brood”, and runs a tight ship!

The balance of the hive, the worker bees, are all ladies. I feel good about rescuing them from any plight they may be in. These last trees that I got were scheduled for removal. They were mostly dead and near houses. My friend feels as I do about saving these beneficial insects. He calls me and together, we try to do the right thing.

This tree had to be felled. One section of the old tree broke open when it landed. The hive got a little miffed. I used a little smoke, a rachet strap and a chainsaw to quickly close the section of log back up. It worked well. The other section just needed to be cut from the downed tree…piece of cake!

I brought both sections home and placed them out back. I will deal with them all later. The broken section will have to be opened and the bees removed before winter. I will do it soon so that they have time to get settled in their new home before the winter winds are howling.

Work is piling up, but I am not bored. Today, I will rescue and repair the combine that spent the night in the field stuck in the mud. I must unload the grain and get set up to try that combine job again. The sun is shining and the honeybees are working the flower blooms in the back yard. It will be a good day.  😮


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Now if that was YOU in the tree it would really be a sight. Enjoyed your raspberry blog. It’s almost blackberry time and more memories. Did any of them ever make it into a pie?

Comment by Aunt June

My tree climbing days are over…unless I get chased by a bear.
So far no pie, but I think one is in the plan. I eat lots of the berries on yogurt.
Blackberries are just starting to turn color…it won’t be long

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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