Spelt has been Harvested
July 17, 2013, 7:48 am
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A year's worth of horse feed

A year’s worth of horse feed

July 17, 2013

Some people grow spelt to be used for flour. Spelt flour can be used by folks who can’t eat wheat. I grow spelt to feed my draft horses. It, along with salt and mineral, is a perfect wholesome food that the horses love to eat. It has all the protein they need, even when working hard on the farm.

I got the combine out of the mud. We made repairs to get it running again. It rattled some because of our unconventional fix, but it worked perfect as I got more spelt harvested. I had to go around a big wet spot. I also had to leave a wide strip on the west side of the field…. BUT I have enough in my bin to feed my draft horses for a whole year 😮

I do hope to gather in the rest of the spelt. Perhaps a few more days of drying and I can get them. I will bale straw later this week and hope to get a year’s supply of that too. The big field will then become home to our sow herd. They can glean the field, wallow in the mud and spend the rest of the summer on pasture.

This has been a year of small successes. I will add the spelt harvest to that list. Sure I hope to get more, but for now I have enough. What I miss, the sows will eat, so nothing is wasted. My small farming is a hoot to some, but for me It’s awesome.

I still have not cut any more hay. The hot muggy days with hay laying on wet ground will make a dusty bunch of low quality hay that is only fit for cows. I need good, dry, well made hay, even if it is a bit mature. The cows eat it better and it is just what the horses need. Patience is a virtue they say.. so far it’s been more of a pain in the butt….. I will continue to work on that “virtue” part 😮 ….  while I wait on the weather.


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