Letting The Light Shine
September 24, 2013, 8:26 pm
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Cupola going in the Machinery Shed

Cupola going in the Machinery Shed

September 24, 2013

   I would like to be planting speltz today, but that is not to be. We got almost three inches of rain last Saturday and any field work is at a standstill for now. My mother died six years ago today. I like to get my speltz in before today, because she fretted about them that last autumn we shared together. I did get them planted that year much to her liking.

   In my long list of projects, adding this cupola to the machinery shed has appeared many times. My sister-in-law gave me two windows. The steel was leftover from other projects as was some of the wood, the flashing, screws and nails. The ridge vent on this building has been leaking, so this project finally made the top of the list.

   I installed the windows to let natural light shine in from above. I installed vents to allow hot air out while letting fresh air in, to the space. It will be a welcomed addition while working on a piece of equipment later this year. It is amazing how much better sunlight is, over any manmade lighting. I especially notice this, the older my eyes get 😮

   The seed for speltz and grass are just waiting for the right time to plant. The sows have the hayfield almost ready. I will finish the speltz field just as soon as I can too. These two projects are the only ones left before I concentrate fully on filling the sugarhouse woodshed. I will let the breeze and sun dry the fields while I toil away on other things.

   The light shines on my farm fields, in the machinery shed, and tonight … in my soul, as I remember mom…. and smile 😮


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