The awesome power of Pork!
September 27, 2013, 7:40 pm
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Fescue all Planted

Fescue all Planted

September 27, 2013

   The sows and boar had rooted up this field from one end to the other. There is a picture of the same field on my blog from a few days ago. This photo shows the results of going over the field one time with a disc and drag. The sows saved me several hours of work and more than a few gallons of fuel 😮

   I broadcasted the fescue seed (pasture and hay grass)into this plot and closed the gate. The soil is ready. Rain is coming by the weekend, so this job is complete. The best thing is, that I was able to get my speltz all planted too, thanks to the time saved by the rooting, happy pigs.

   I was expecting a rough ride over the rooted up, uneven ground. Piles of hay and dirt were piled everywhere. I was amazed by the way it worked down. One pass with the equipment and it looked as if I had spent hours. Those pigs are plowmen who don’t get enough credit.

   I will say that I have seen hog lots full of mud, holes and debris. If they are confined in one place too long, they will make an ugly mark on the landscape. Pigs like to root. The key is to use that fact to your advantage.

   I have had the pigs loosen a three foot deep manure pack with their need to root. I entice them with a little shell corn and they go crazy for it. They are not really hungry, they just like corn! You can remove stumps and rocks with this information too. Poke a hole in the dirt on each end of a big rock. In no time at all they will have that rock out of the ground. You will have to add corn to the hole or make new ones now and then…but they will get it done!


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