A Fallen Matron
October 6, 2013, 11:49 am
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The end of an era

The end of an era

October 6, 2013

   Among the things I hold in highest regard, is an old black and white photo. The photo shows my great grandpa, holding the reins of a beautiful buggy horse. The big gelding towers over my small grandpa. It’s muscles are rippled under the clean and neat harness. The buggy is in great shape and holds valuable treasure. That treasure is my great grandma. She sits in the buggy seat, holding a bundle in her arms. That bundle is a baby. That baby is my grandma, my mother’s mother.

   Just a day ago, my grandma passed away, missing her 97th birthday by just a few weeks. We will all miss her very much. Just like the large old tree in the photo, her life was long and the marks she made on people’s hearts and minds were many. She taught us many things, often by example, but I do remember one time when she straightened my cousin out with a metal dustpan 😮  His attitude changed very quickly, mine too. He got whacked, but we both learned something that day!

   All of us have made a mistake or two along life’s way. Grandma was always there to put things in perspective. Her dry wit was timely and swift, but her forgiveness went on forever. She worked hard all of her life, again, setting an example for the rest of us. She loved us all no matter what,  with enough love left for folks less fortunate. I would talk more, but she would already be wanting me to hush up about bragging about her. So, I will simply say … Rest In Peace.. Gramma, I love you.

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I will never forget the ass woop’en with the dust pan!!! I was the only one who had to get a PIXIE haircut!!! 🙂 So many great Memories!!!

Comment by Mindy

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