Chicken Dinner?
October 17, 2013, 4:00 pm
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Pigs and chickens in the old corn field

Pigs and chickens in the old corn field

October 17, 2013 

   Currently, I am multi-specie grazing our old corn field. I have cows in there, along with pigs and chickens. The cows eat some of the nubbin ears that the picker missed. They also knock some off onto the ground. The pigs eat what the cows miss.

   The pigs are sloppy eaters that miss a few kernels of corn. They also root up the ground exposing worms and bugs. What the pigs miss, the chickens eat. It is a marriage for all of the animals. I also “win” from this as, they get their own feed for a few weeks. Sure they have other feed offered, but usually relish the harvest clean-up time, and turn their noses up at the regular feed!

   If there is one problem, it is that pigs will eat chickens! The chickens seem to know it too. They will run back to the coop whan the pigs get too close or when the pigs take an interest in them. Usually, they eat right alongside of each other, but once the feed gets short, the pigs turn to chicken dinners if they can. I find it much better to introduce them early in this effort 😮 The pigs pay no mind to the chickens at that time.

   The field is about two acres in size. The chickens have been free ranging in it since January. They were in there the day I planted the corn and have been in there all summer. They have not bothered the corn one bit and have eaten countless bugs. They lay nice big brown eggs as a way of saying thanks.

   I will keep an eye on this whole progress and move the animals when necessary. The cows will go first, then the pigs. The chickens will have this domain for the entire year. I will keep them safe, because in the end … I like chicken dinners too!


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