Getting Along in Spite of Ourselves
October 19, 2013, 2:47 pm
Filed under: October 2013
Cows and pigs not such strage bedfellows.

Cows and pigs not such strange bedfellows.

October 19, 2013

   The rains are back. We had a great couple of weeks at the start of the month, but now, water stands everywhere again. The cold autumn rain falls steadily as I write. The rain gauge says just under two inches since last Wednesday. The clock is ticking towards winter and I am reminded about a few items to still be completed…. oh my never-ending list 😮

   The cows and pigs are making short work of cleaning up the little corn field. They weren’t too sure about each other at first, but now pay very little attention to one another. Yesterday, they were all napping in the same shed, sharing the warm sun, after a big meal.

   It’s like people, we just have to co-exist. We need to get along with each other for the benefit of all. We don’t all have to be friends or bedfellows,but we need each other. You can’t go to a restaurant, order a meal, cook the meal and serve it to yourself … although my wife does it often 😮  … What I mean is, that life is better with people in it…and you probably won’t like every person that you meet…it would be a strange life if you did!

   The pigs benefit from the cows knocking corn to the ground. The chickens benefit because the pigs are sloppy eaters. I benefit because I like beef, pork and chicken! All of us depend upon each other… it’s part of the cycle of life.

   Look at your own life. You will see that there are folks in it that you don’t particularly like. You don’t have to make best friends with them, but there is a reason they are in your life. Be yourself, do your thing, don’t place stumbling blocks in their way. Be the better person and carry no malice. Life is short. Greet those people with a smile, be kind and walk away knowing that all is well.

     What I’m trying to say, in a farmer kind of way, is this….. We don’t know who may be knocking the corn down for us. We may not realize that we are helping people prosper by leaving bits behind. Those bits may be information, kindness or perhaps just tolerance … in any case, there is wisdom in the old saying … “Can’t we all just get along?”   😮

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