Saying the “W” Word
October 20, 2013, 4:10 pm
Filed under: October 2013
Newly planted fescue, "greens up" against the autumn backdrop

Newly planted fescue, “greens up” against the autumn backdrop

October 20, 2013

   I hate to say the word “winter” this early in the season, but the cold rainy nights make me think of the white that will surely come. I see many things that need addressed before then. The good news is, that the list is small. I guess all those days when weather forced me inside… I tied up some loose ends.

   I have a plan for the winter areas for all the livestock. I just need to follow-up and move them all there soon. I see the need for a few adjustments, some fence alterations and water accommodations, but things are pretty much in order. Although, I will surely get caught with at least one water hose frozen like a fifty foot snake 😮

   Two and a half inches of rain has fallen since last Wednesday night. The harvest in our area is stalled to say the least. My last little field of forlorn corn waits for my attempt to pick it. I am not worried anymore, I have discovered just how efficient the livestock are when it comes to harvesting. The only problem is that they go through it pretty fast … I guess they feel the need to put on some fat for winter!

    The leaves are falling off the trees quickly. The rains seem to wash them to the ground. Soon they will be bare, standing like soldiers against the blowing winter winds. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy the changing of the seasons, the brilliant fall colors and the crisp autumn air…. and I will avoid saying the “W” word for at least a few more weeks!  😮


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I drive by your farm all the time. It’s a dream of mine to have a small hobby farm someday but I have no farming skills. I would love the opportunity to get some hands on experience at your farm if at all possible. I do work full time, but would just like to have the access to learn more about all of it and in turn provide some help to you. If you feel you may have something that i could do please email me. Thanks so much!

Comment by Pam Shilling

Pam, thanks for following the BLOG. I will email you and see what we can work out. In the meantime, do not lose sight of your dream. Read everything you can about the subjects of farming. Garden when you can it’s good for your soul! Plus a little dirt under your fingernails, will remind you of your dream!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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