All of Us Are Gleaning
October 22, 2013, 9:52 pm
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Gathering in the Harvest

Gathering in the Harvest

October 22, 2013

   Gleaning is an old word for cleaning up the last of something. Usually this word is used for going back over a harvested field and getting anything that was missed or left over. The animals have sure done a good job in the corn field!

   I have been working my butt off cutting and splitting the sugarwood. I think I have 90% done, but now it must all be gathered in and stacked away in the woodshed. Today, after  three inches of rain in the last six days, I managed to get the last of the wood taken care of that is down in the gully. It is wet and muddy down there, but now I am done.

   The horses and sled will have to bring the wood all out. The tractor would make a BIG mess of things. The horses won’t get stuck, make very little impact on the land and are much quieter to work around. It is some of my favorite work 😮

   Sounds like the next day or two will remind us of what is to come. Sleet and wet snow is in the forecast, along with cold temperatures. My great grandpa used to say, “You have to have squaw winter before you can enjoy Indian Summer.” I sure hope he’s right. I need a bit of good weather to get the wood in … Then, “Let her Rip!”


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