Hey Man… I gotta split!
October 23, 2013, 7:03 am
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Squatch ?

Sasquatch ?

October 23, 2013

   My day off from work, finds me once again playing out in the rain, but “Hey man, I gotta split…all this wood 😮  We made much progress yesterday, but plenty of work remains. I like this job. It’s easy to see what you have accomplished by the end of the day.

   We made modifications to the logsplitter late last year. We extended the wedge. Now we can split pieces of wood that are thirty inches long. That length works out very well in the maple syrup evaporator. That length, however, is a workout to lift the log pieces before splitting. It often takes two men to lift the sections, but wow does it ever yield a lot of wood from one piece!

   My plan is to try to stay focused on the wood for the next two days. I have other projects waiting for me, but I know that winter will soon make wood getting a less desirable job. On a nice, crisp, winter day, when everything is caught up, cutting firewood is a nice job. When you wade knee-deep through snow, digging in it to find wood because you absolutely have to do it…that is not fun at all! 

   Drywall waits for me to start finishing the inside of the washhouse. The plumbing, gas and electrical are done. Now, to just finish the walls and ceiling. Those jobs are inside, so they can wait for a bit longer…because like I said … “Hey man, I gotta split!”


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sasquatch no moms good cooking love you

Comment by matt

You sure got that right!

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