Squaw Winter !
October 24, 2013, 8:58 am
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Snow adds to the beauty of Autumn

Snow adds to the beauty of Autumn

October 24, 2013

   Squaw Winter has arrived, as my great-grandfather would have said, now, we will get Indian Summer. I hope he is right! I moved all the livestock yesterday getting ready for last night’s storm. The rain came cold and plentiful, followed by sleet then snow.

   My most vulnerable animals, three little baby calves, were snug in a pen filled with straw. The horses also spent the night in their stalls, in a dry bed. The cows rested on pine needles under the boughs of the white pine trees in the lane. The sows spent the night snuggled together in a bed of old hay in a three-sided shed. The sheep laid against a row of straw bales, quietly chewing their cuds, while I snoozed under a pile of quilts 😮

   The snow reminds me of my youth. It seemed we often had snow for trick or treat night. If it wasn’t snowing, it was cold! Hot cider and donuts was a welcome treat upon getting home from canvassing the neighborhood for candy. Mom’s homemade vegetable soup would warm us up too. It warms me a little now as I write … thanks mom.

   Yesterday, I almost finished splitting all the wood for the sugarhouse. The rain spoiled much of the day, but a couple of hours before sunset, the weather broke and allowed for another big load to be split. We even dumped that load under the woodshed. It still needs stacked, but it is closer none the less.

   I found a few things that need done before real winter gets here…but that is for another BLOG. Today I will work and reflect upon the good memories of my childhood, like squaw winter and my grampa, homemade soup and my mother…and snowballs with rocks in them for trick or treat!


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