November 19, 2013, 9:05 pm
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Full moon covered by the clouds

Full moon covered by the clouds

November 19, 2013

   Tonight the moon is full. It is hidden partially by the clouds, but it is far more beautiful than my photograph can show. I stood and looked at the majesty, in awe. I am not scared of boogeymen or ghosts. I don’t think evil lurks under a full moon… I think it is underly amazing how much light it shares. It , to me, is truly beautiful 😮

   I like to walk in the moonlight. I really like to drive horses on a snowy, cold, full moon lit night. It is like magic! I have worked many times by the light of the moon. Picking corn with team and wagon, husking the ears by hand is nothing short of fun, when the moon shines overhead.

   I remember one summer planting potatoes on my hands and knees by moon light. My wife thought that I was crazy. I had to get the spuds planted because rain was in the forecast and my off-farm job was about to conflict with planting. I did get them all planted and we had a bountiful harvest that year.

   We have had lots of farm babies born the night of a full moon. I’m not sure if it’s because mom can see better…or if she just wants her babies to see the beauty that surrounds them. I guess it’s the pull of the ocean currents or the rhythm of the Earth, but I will just choose to focus on the pure magic.

   I used today to tie up several loose ends. I would much rather be cutting wood or something that can be measured at the end of the day. I will say, however, now I can focus on other things without the nagging little things beating me up 😮

   I revamped a wagon tongue and got it ready for a three-horse hitch. It worked great as I took a short wagon ride just to be sure. I cleaned up inside the washhouse from some recent inside construction and I put up two shelves in my tackroom. We also finished closing in the overhang on the side of the machinery shed. It will make the shed more serviceable for winter storage.

   I finished at suppertime. I just had to walk out one more time to check on my boys (the horses). I like to say goodnight when I can. I was greeted not only by three black giants, but by that wonderful moonrise as well!


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