Hay Jake!
November 20, 2013, 8:13 pm
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Baling hay with our coats on!

Baling hay with our coats on!

November 20, 2013

   Today, the weather cooperated, and we baled up some of our round bales into small squares. The little bales are very nice when a winter storm is blasting away outside. I just have to climb the ladder to the hay mow to serve the horses their supper.

   This too is a job usually done long before now. I thought it was funny that we were baling hay with our coats on. Usually sweat runs into our eyes and heat makes it hard to breath, but that was not the case today!

   I now have made room under the barn’s overhang for my gestating sows to spend the winter. They will be warm and snug in a deep straw bed. The hay that was stored in there is now all upstairs in the barn. The sows and I are both very happy 😮

   We also got half of the sugarwood kindling cut and stacked away. I put some back every year to use to start the fire in the maple syrup arch. It is small slab pieces called edgings. The edgings come off the edge of the log and have very little value. They make great fire starters and real good heat for a quick fire in a small stove, but that is about it.

   Tomorrow I will put away the baler for the year. It will get a bath, a good oiling and greasing, then stowed and covered up. Again, it’s hard to believe that I am doing this in November and not September, but what a great feeling to be caught up ….almost!

   I did get some great help today from my son Jake. He enjoys farm work ….. just ask me 😮


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