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November 21, 2013, 8:16 pm
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My next effort stands at the ready!

My next effort stands at the ready!

November 21, 2013

   Today was a cold rainy day. We still managed to finish filling the sugarwood kindling rack. So another job is completed. I also washed and put away the baler. The barns all got cleaned and the sows are snug and warm tucked away under the barn’s overhang.

   I am very happy with my progress these last few days. I am caught up with all of my work after a very trying farming year. Now, just winter stuff remains. Sure, I want to haul a few loads of slabwood to the sugarhouse, but that just makes for a fun day of horse work.

   We have our fall butchering to do, but we are right on schedule with that too. I am thinking that I will get a few loads of composted manure hauled out. If the weather completely tanks, I don’t care. I have enough room to pile manure for quite a while.

   Last night I spent a time visiting with some old friends. The ice cream went down smooth and the jokes and laughter filled a room. It was a nice time. I didn’t stress once about goofing off when so much work remains….that’s because no work remains!  Dang I am happy about that!

   I haul all of our manure with the spreader in the photo. My horses pull the powercart that runs the spreader. The horses don’t get stuck. Light loads and big tires keep the manure spreader from sinking in and making ruts. Light loads also allow me more time to work horses and that is always a good thing 😮

   So, as long as the rain stops and the snow doesn’t get too deep, we will be in the manure business. I don’t want any run-off from the manure though, so this project may be put on hold unless we just take it out to the field and run it off into a pile. The pile can be spread later when conditions are right. I still make room in my compost stack area, the horses get work, so everyone is happy…especially me.


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