Corn is Planted!!
June 12, 2014, 5:38 pm
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Josh and Jonny Plant corn 2014

Josh and Jonny Plant corn 2014

June 12, 2014

My sons and my grandson helped to get our corn planted this year. I have been weighed down by a few extra shifts at work that keep cutting in to my farm time. The weather too has been a bit to overcome. It seems it rains on my days off, but no matter, we got it done!

My grandson rode on the tractor with his dad for a few rounds. We plant slowly, about 2 miles per hour. Johnny was bored quite quickly. Josh, on the other hand, enjoyed himself driving the tractor, planting the corn and learning farm stuff 😮

I was able to do a few other things while Josh planted. One of those things was to reflect upon my life and memories. It was not long ago that I was the youngster crammed against the fender. Then, I was the operator watching the equipment and keeping a close eye on my son as he rode with me. Now, I am the one needing help…wondering where the time went and thankful that I have sons nearby.

Summer is here and I have many projects underway. One of the ones that pleases me most, is having had that rut problem fixed on our sap roads. Field work and planting is almost complete, soon haymaking will be the order of the day. Pastures are lush and green and the baby animals are growing well on the green grass and momma’s milk. The strawberries are ripening and I am enjoying some time off!

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