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June 13, 2014, 8:50 am
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Our repaired horse , runs again!

Our repaired horse , runs again!

June 13, 2014

Today is Friday the 13th, big deal. It’s Friday. I am off work and I am not superstitious…so, I am going to have a good day no matter what!

Yesterday, we got our weathervane put back in order. Our horse got beat up by the wind. He had come loose from his moorings and looked as if he was standing on his head. He had simply lost his direction. I know how he felt. After too many long shifts and too much time away from the farm, I too was starting to lose my direction.

It is amazing what a true craftsman can do. Our weathervane is as good as new. I also got some much needed rest and after just one relaxing evening around my animals and fields, I too am re-charged and “Back on Top.”

After six months of grieving over our dog King, we bought a new pup. We are the proud owners of a black and white Border Collie named Max. He is a year old. He is full of excitement and wonder. He was very timid and shy at first, but is coming into his own with encouragement and praise from us.

It is fun to watch as this little guy learns his place. He has it pretty much figured out that I am the top dog and he is my helper. He tries just a bit too hard to help now and then, but is learning quickly. He is a bit jealous of the cats and Vincent the goat when they get some of my attention. He waits patiently…well sort of patiently, at least he is learning to share 😮

So it is with a rested mind, a new pup and the love of family, that I embrace my farm work. I feel so much better! The horses can sense it too. The farm work waits in fear of us, with our new found vigor, even work knows we are about to slay it. 😮



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Max looks adorable! I absolutely love border collies, they are so intelligent. I have a border collie of my own, but he’s brown & white.

Comment by Sophia

Thank you Sophia, I think he will be a great dog in time. My old Lucy was a red and white border collie. She was an awesome friend!!

Comment by ricelandmeadows

He’s adorable! So glad you have a new canine companion! Puppies are so much fun! He’s a lucky dog to have you as his owner.

Comment by Jacklyn

Thanks Jacklyn..you’ll have to stop by and see him sometime.

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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