Put a Lid on It
July 3, 2015, 6:28 am
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Even a skylight!

Even a skylight!

July 3, 2015

We managed to get the walls and roof on the sugarhouse addition. Only the doors and batten strips remain to be finished. The addition is turning out even better than I visualized in my head. We even put two skylights in the roof to make use of natural light. I know from experience that there is nothing like it. The big windows on the sugarhouse itself, let in much more light than I can make with a few bulbs. The manmade light works good at night, when piercing the dark, but falls way short during the light of day.

The rain fell as the work commenced, but in the end, a nice day made this building project fun to build. It will soon be all closed in and the work on the inside will start. A wall will come down and a set of stairs will be built. The large tank is scheduled for October. The installation will take place then. There will be plumbing to do and a few other things to complete, along with a final measurement of my hill outside for unloading. Gravity can be your friend, but he can be a mean enemy when trying to push water uphill…saying nothing about how he helped my chest fall into my drawers 😮

The fields are still wet, but drying. Farm work is stalled, but completing projects such as this, makes me feel good. The work all has to get done, so changing the order is good planning not a shotgun approach to work. On a small farm it is all about adapting to change. It is about wearing many hats like a builder, a veterinarian, a gardener, a logger and a mentor. I embrace this life. I take up the challenge and speak up for small farmers…..so the nay-sayers can “Put a lid on it!”

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