Its all about Friends
July 4, 2015, 8:34 pm
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Cinch and Ugly Cat hanging out

Cinch and Ugly Cat hanging out

July 4, 2015

Today we celebrate our country’s birthday and the freedoms that we enjoy. My hope is that you are with friends and family as you do. Of course we love our family. No matter its quirks, love is never lost. Friends are sometimes overlooked. It is awful when you haven’t seen someone for way too long, but the meeting is awesome. True friends meet and take up conversation almost where they left off. True friends don’t part, you just pause until you meet again.

I am so very thankful for my friends. I have many and for that I am grateful. Today, I listened to a man speak about farming. He talked about how wonderful it was when neighboring farmers worked together, especially on big jobs like threshing grain or filling silo. He talked about young and old men alike working together. The older men sharing their wisdom, often in the form of a minor “balling out”. It is like life, it is tough and everyone can’t finish first…sometimes an ass chewing is good for us.

I am known for my candor. I have been called brutally honest. I don’t hold any malice, but no one has to wonder very long what I think or how I feel. This personality of mine is a tough one and I realize it. I want to publically thank my friends for tolerating me, for forgiving me and for continuing to stand by me. You guys and gals are the best!

You will notice that I didn’t get all mushy, saying that I was going to try and change. This is it my friends. I will be the same today, tomorrow and many years from now. I speak up when my toes get stepped upon. I growl when my ideals get trampled but I will defend you with the same tenacity. I will stand by you through thick and thin. A guy once said, “When the trouble starts, make sure your standing on the right side”  I try to always be on the side of right. One thing for sure when I make up my mind, it doesn’t change…..although, my wife, my best friend,  can persuade me a little :o)  See…it’s all about friends!

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