Waiting for Snow
December 4, 2015, 11:30 pm
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December 4 2015

Today marks my mother’s birthday. She has passed on, but rests here on my farm. I visited her today. As I sat and talked, I realized that we still have not had much snow. Mom liked winter when everything is covered in white. “The snow hides a lot of sin.”, she would say :o)  I couldn’t help but giggle at the thought.

Cinch and I are waiting for snow, but I don’t mind not having to shovel it yet. We are feeding hay and offering good places for the animals to sleep. The choice is theirs, sleep outside or under cover. They mostly sleep outside, unless the cold rain is falling. The hogs however pile together in a heap of straw. They, like me, enjoy a warm soft bed.

We are chasing firewood today and tomorrow. It will be used in 2017 to make maple syrup. It is almost fun getting wood when the woodshed is full. The stress is gone and the wood piles up quickly. The horses and I are dragging some in, but I scored four large maples from a city friend. He had them cut down and got a better price because I am taking the wood.

Bringing home the large amount, gave me the opportunity to connect with an old friend. He has a log truck. Tomorrow we will finish bringing it to the farm. I will have two and a half truckloads, lots of work and plenty to do….just the way I like it while I wait for the snow!

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Growing up, our house was wood heat. Gathering firewood was just a part of life. It was usually fun for me.

Comment by Donkey Driver

I have lots of memories from getting firewood. My grandparents did it with a team of horses and a sled… I guess that’s where I get it from. LOL

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Jealouse of those teams of horses! I ordered your book. I’m very excited to read it.

Comment by Donkey Driver

Thank you Jane for your support. Enjoy the book

Comment by ricelandmeadows

Nice score Ralph! Nothing’s finer than free wood! I finally finished my wood for the season and yesterday we all pitched in and helped finish splitting and stacking my Father’s wood. Thank God for this warm winter so far! I’ll take El Nino every year!

Comment by Jacklyn

Jacklyn you are so very right! Glad to hear you all came together for dad. I am sure he appreciated it. If you guys would like another “something to do”, stop over, I’ll put you to work. LOL

Comment by ricelandmeadows

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