Let the Machine Do It
December 7, 2015, 9:46 am
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December 7, 2015

Well, here is a little work waiting for me. This is the accumulation of four large soft maple trees from a friend’s yard. The condition of the trees, made them candidates for removal. All four of them are between three and four feet thick. I am grateful for the wood, even though we have a woodlot full….you just can’t beat free!

I say free, but there was the cost of trucking. I will also have some fuel and wear and tear, not to mention sweat equity, but free none the less. I could have chased all this wood home by myself, but this time it made sense to hire a log truck to bring the logs home. He did what would have taken me almost a week, in just three trips. The machine made life very easy for me.

I am a guy who prefers real horsepower to more modern equipment, but I am not stupid :o)  I can see when a simple machine makes things better. I use my skid steer almost daily and would not want to farm without it. That machine saves me hours, even days as I move mountains of manure, cords of wood, piles of snow and even as a hoist for butchering. I love my horses, but there are plenty of times when it makes sense to let the machine do it.

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