2016 Corn is Planted
May 25, 2016, 11:09 pm
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May 26, 2016

After three very full days of grueling tractor work, the 5 acres of corn ground has been plowed, disced and planted. I am happy but it is bittersweet. I put 31 hours on the tractor in three days, not counting chores. I am one tired fellow, but we did beat the rain. Tonight after chores, I brushed out my teams. I don’t know if they needed it, but I sure did.

They seem to forgive me. I brushed and petted and fussed over my guys. The new little girl got her fair share too. Tomorrow after putting the corn planter away and fixing a short in the fence, I will spend the day working horses. Abby will get her haircut and try on a collar…several times. She will get the hang of it and learn to trust me in the process.

I have two big logs to skid out of the woods to the sugarhouse as we start to assemble our woodpile for sugarwood. I am planning a frolic in June to split and fill the woodshed in one day. The work will be followed by eating and fishing. This will make for a fun day, but first we must get everything ready. As long as, I get to work horses doing it… I’m good with that!

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