Stop and Smell the Flowers
May 28, 2016, 1:21 pm
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May 28, 2016

Life gets so busy that we all get caught up in stress and worry. I just spent three and a half days pushing hard to get my corn planted. In that time the flowers around the farm started blooming. The lilacs smell awesome. The columbine like in the photo are a beautiful delicate flower and I almost missed them! I paused yesterday for a glass of iced tea and conversation with my wife. That little break was a great lift to my spirit.

I listened to my wife talk as she shared some concerns with me. We made plans. We talked about the pesky robin nested above our heads on the patio. I would shoo her away, but she is feeding four little babies. Once the chicks fly away, I will dismantle the nest and clean the mess. Until then I will watch the busy momma feed her little ones and dodge the bird poo.

The multi-flora rose bushes around the farm are starting to blossom. They have the sweetest smell. It fills the air and almost makes you appreciate this invasive, nasty, thorny plant. I sniff the breeze and relax, but I am making plans to hack away at that doggone multi-flora rose scattered around. It was once the latest , greatest thing for farmers. The government said it was, “Horse high and hog tight. Best living fence in the world.” Now whole farms are a thorny thicket thanks to this monster plant.

Oh well, I work at the problem plant here on our farm, but I confess, I do enjoy those spring blooms!

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